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Personal Injury FAQs & Advice

The legal process can be complicated, confusing, and overwhelming, but we are here to make your life easier. We have created a set of videos and articles to help you navigate through the process.

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“How Come My Case Is Taking So Long?” The Important – But Often Time Consuming – Discovery Process

Plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits are sometimes frustrated by how long their case takes to reach a conclusion.


“Scooters Everywhere”: Safety Tips for Evansville’s Scooter Riders

In Evansville, scooter use has exploded in recent years, bringing controversy as well as an increasing number of accidents and injuries in their wake.


After an Accident: 9 Things You Should Do To Take Care of Yourself and Protect Your Rights

You’ve just been in a car accident. Your heart is pounding. You may be in shock; confused, disoriented, and worried about yourself and your passengers.


Back to School Means Back on the School Bus: Safety Tips For Parents to Keep Kids Safe

Parents may be surprised to learn that school buses are in fact the safest way for kids to get to and from school; safer even than their own cars.


Compensation for “Pain and Suffering” After an Indiana Car Accident: How Are Such Losses Valued?

I often get asked by clients who’ve been in serious car accidents what kind of compensation they might be able to recover in a lawsuit against the person responsible for causing their injuries.


Construction Season on the Roads Means More Dangers for Drivers and Workers

In areas farther north than Evansville, it is often said that there are only two seasons: winter and construction season.


Damages Recoverable For Personal Injury to Your Spouse: “Loss of Consortium” Claims in Indiana

Serious injuries don’t only have an impact on the person who is injured. Their loved ones’ lives can be turned upside down by the financial, practical, and emotional burdens of caring for the injured person.


Distracted Driving Kills:

Put Down the Phone


Get Medical Attention After a Car Accident, Even If You Think You Don’t Need It

Not seeing a doctor can harm you – and your case


How You Can Help Your Lawyer Help You in Your Personal Injury Case

In the movie Jerry Maguire, Tom Cruise’s titular character famously pleads with his client to “help me help you.”


If You Are Injured on the Job and are Receiving Workers’ Compensation, You May Also Have Claims Against Third-Parties.

Indiana, like every state, has established a system specifically designed to help people who suffer injuries while on the job.


NTSB Issues New Safety Recommendations to Prevent Catastrophic Tractor-Trailer “Underride” Accidents

You may never have heard of the word “underride” before, but if you can picture your car next to an 18-wheeler, and think of the height of your car compared to the bottom of the truck, you can get an idea of what that means.


Recovering Compensation for Injuries to Children in Indiana

All serious injuries are tragic and painful, disrupting the lives of the injury victim as well as their family for years to come.


Three Important Steps to Take After a Workplace Accident

While many workers’ compensation claims are handled without dispute, some employers and insurers try to minimize benefits or deny claims entirely.


When Hitting the Brakes Doesn’t Work: 4 Common Causes of Rear-End Collisions

With so many accidents caused by rear-end crashes, it’s important to know how these accidents occur.

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